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Eligibility requirements

If you, as an employer, pay salary (A-income) to an employee that is on parental leave, you are entitled to reimbursement from Barsilsskipanin - in other words, to parental allowance for employers.

Your entitlement to reimbursement is on the condition that the employee lives in the Faroes Islands and has full tax liability here, has had an A-income in the last year before the leave starts and stays with the child during the parental leave.

Maximum 25,000 DKK a month

The maximum amount you can receive from Barsilsskipanin is 25,000 DKK monthly. Click the link called "Payment" in order to read more about this.

Public institutions

Public institutions are reimbursed from Barsilsskipanin if they employ a substitute for an employee that takes parental leave. However, if an apprentice takes parental leave, there is no requirement of substitution.

The reimbursement cannot exceed the salary of the employee who takes the parental leave and it is only given for the period of substitution.

Not sure if you meet the requirements?

Not all contracts and proceedings are the same. Ask your trade union about the details around parental leave for your employees or questions about reimbursement entitlement. See links to the contracts of Føroya Arbeiðsgevarafelag, Fíggjarmálaráðið and Kommunala Arbeiðsgevarafelagið on the right.

You are also welcome to call our customer service on 35 26 00 Monday to Thursday between 10am and 3pm or send an e-mail to We are happy to help.