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Can I receive parental allowance for 1 year?

No, generally not.

If the baby is born on 1 January 2021 or later, parents who have one child can claim parental allowance for 52 weeks altogether. Of those weeks, 14 are reserved for the mother, 4 for the father (or co-mother after 1 January 2022) and the remaining 34 weeks the parents can divide between them. Single parents are entitled to all the weeks themselves. When parents have multiple births (such as twins), they are entitled to parental leave and pay for 56 weeks. If the birth is premature, parents are entitled to 60 weeks of parental allowance.


When parents adopt, they are entitled to parental leave and pay for 52 weeks after the date of placement (when the child starts living with them). 4 of these weeks can be taken by both parents simultaneously.

Read more about this under "Duration of maternity allowance".


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