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What is a notice of birth?

A notice of birth is a document that you get from a midwife, and it confirms the date your child was born. It is called "Fráboðan um barnsburð".

Barsilsskipanin has arranged with the midwives in the Faroes that they can send the notice to Barsilsskipanin directly if the mother wishes it. It is important that Barsilsskipanin receives the notice of birth because it determines the length of the parental leave.

When a mother applies for maternity allowance before childbirth, the period of the leave is determined according to the estimated due date. After the birth of the child, the end date of the parental leave is altered accordingly.

If the parents or the midwives do not submit the notice of birth, Barsilsskipanin will get the date of birth from the National Register.

If a mother has already applied for maternity allowance and gives birth abroad, she must, as soon as possible, send Barsilsskipanin documentation of the delivery. Otherwise, she can only receive the maternity allowance up to the birth.


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