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Moving to or from the Faroe Islands

Whether you are moving to the Faroes or from the Faroes, you may be entitled to paternity allowance, if you meet certain conditions.

Moving to the Faroes

If you move to the Faroes from another Nordic country, you can apply for paternity allowance from Barsilsskipanin. You must have had an A-income (or a student grant, which counts as A-income in this case). Furthermore, you need to send copies of your pay slips to Barsilsskipanin before the leave starts, so that the size of your allowance can be calculated.

If you receive daily benefits, or other payments for loss of income, from a Nordic country, and these payments continue after you have moved to the Faroes, you cannot receive paternity allowance from Barsilsskipanin at the same time. You must send a letter to Barsilsskipanin that confirms that you are not entitled to payments from the municipality that you move from.

If you have had an A-income from the Faroe Islands in the last year before your paternity leave, this income is included in the calculation of your paternity allowance. You do not need to send us copies of your pay slips, Barsilsskipanin can access this information directly from TAKS.

If you move to the Faroes from a non-Nordic country, you may not be eligible to receive paternity allowance from Barsilsskipanin. This is because you need to have had an A-income from the Faroes or another Nordic country in order to calculate the allowance.

Moving from the Faroes

If you move from the Faroes Islands to another nordic country after your application for parental benefits has been approved, you may continue to receive the allowance provided the original conditions are still met.

Additional rules apply depending on which country you move to.

To Denmark

If you move to Denmark, the paternity allowance is taxable in Denmark. In this case, TAKS must receive confirmation that you live and pay taxes in Denmark. Complete the form “Residence and tax liability if a double taxation agreement exists” which can be found on the website (The Danish Tax Agency) and under Forms on this page.

To another Nordic country other than Denmark

If you move to another Nordic country, other than Denmark, the paternity allowance is subject to taxation in the Faroe Islands and must be declared in the country of residence.

Outside the Nordic countries

If you move outside the Nordic countries, you lose the right to paternity allowance.

Bear in mind that moving can affect the taxation of your paternity allowance retroactively

Also, be mindful that moving can affect your tax rate.

Always inform Barsilsskipanin about moving abroad

Call our customer service on 35 26 00 Monday to Thursday between 10 am and 3 pm. You may also report the changes to TAKS via Mínboks or by post to TAKS, Smyrilsvegur 20, Postboks 2151, 110 Tórshavn.