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If you are a B-wage earner, you must take out a parental insurance policy to qualify for parental benefits

You are a B-wage earner, for example, if your employer is foreign. The insurance premium is 3,000 DKK, annually, and you must have been covered for at least one year before you can receive any payments.

In addition, you must:

  • live in the Faroe Islands,
  • have full tax liability in the Faroe Islands.

How to take out the parental insurance
Complete the application form "Parental insurance, B-wage earner" and send it to Barsilsskipanin via Mínboks ( or by post to Barsilsskipanin, Postboks 2151, 110 Tórshavn. You will find the application form under "Forms" in the bar above.

You may take out the insurance the day you start working as a B-wage earner, and you could be covered, at the earliest, from the day Barsilsskipanin receives your application.

Insurance premium
The insurance premium is 3,000 DKK, annually, and is payable to TAKS. The bill will be enclosed in the letter you receive when the insurance is approved.

You can cancel the insurance with a notice period of one month. The cancellation will take effect beginning the month after Barsilsskipanin receives your notice.